Selective solder pallets

PCB Testing Fixtures,Router Fixtures

Designed by engineers with wave solder experience. Our pallets enable customers to automate the soldering of through-hole components in complex electronic assemblies.

Key Elements of a Select wave pallet

  • Eliminating hand solder processes, Cost effective,surface mount glue operations, and reducing assembly cycle time.
  • Eliminates flooding problems, Improves quality of solder by improving component alignment and soldering.
  • Pallets designed for the use of customers with all major selective solder equipment including: ERSA, Pillarhouse, SEHO, Air-Vac, Apollo/Seiko, RPS Automation, ACE, Vitronic Soltec mySelective, and Juki.
  • Design will be made according to custom machine standards to meet your needs.
  • Dual Nozzle with dimensions are accurately maintained with adequate opening for selective areas.
  • We provided a DXF for easy identification for specific points in soldering area.
PCB Testing Fixtures,Router Fixtures
PCB Testing Fixtures,Router Fixtures
PCB Testing Fixtures,Router Fixtures

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