3 Axis Machining

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As opposed to the machining with a horizontal machining centre (HMC), CNC machines with the vertical machining centres (VMC) have vertically oriented spindles. VMC workpieces are usually mounted on top of their table and perform standard 2.5 or 3 axis machining operations. VMC are useful for creating the parts, die or moulds with precision, accuracy, repeat-ability and surface finishes.

Most VMC machines have three axes, the x, y, and z-axis. Axis stands for the number of motors that can be individually driven for positional control of the tool. The x-axis is usually from left to right, the y-axis is front to back, and the z-axis is up and down. On a standard 3-axis VMC, the cutter stays in the vertical direction. In VMC’s, we can add 4th or even 5th axis as well to increase the benefits of the VMC.

We at smart Engineering do VMC machining at the accuracy level of 15 microns. Any parts and materials can be machined. We are specialised in high complicated 3Axis machining.

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