Rotational Wave Pallet

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Rotational wave pallets - It helps the Customer to Define the solder issues of the pcb which has not reached good solderabilty at perpendicular direction.The Mother pallet is provided according to the machine standard size whereas the Daugher pallet is designed to rotate 360 degree with the PCBA to identify the accurate angle for good solderabilty.

Key Elements of a Rotational wave pallet

  • Reduces the time consuming of process dept to indentify the result. ( like solder joints, bridging effect)
  • Pallet degree can be changed for every 15° by rotating the daughter pallet.
  • Eliminates the machine time and solder flow for normal wave pallet to achieve good results.
  • Top hat is also used to hold the solder components
  • Easy installation and removal of PCBs
  • Each degrees are marked from 0-0.

Router Fixtures
Router Fixtures
Router Fixtures
Router Fixtures

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